Stoktan hemen teslim Basket Mill

Basket Mill(Hydraulic Lifting)


Basket Mill(Hydraulic Lifting) is a wet grinding machine applicable for middle and low viscosity fluids and batch type production equipment. Through all-direction strong momentum generated by irregular collision between the grinding beads, the particle size of the materials becomes smaller.It is suitable for coatings, inks, pigments, colorants, pesticides, cosmetics and other industries with high requirements of fineness. The machine has altered traditional production processing by integrating dispersing and milling two processes into one, which reduces production process significantly. No pump nor valve is required. One machine and one container can finish dispersing and milling together, which increases efficiency greatly and reduce materials waste. Compared to other grinding equipment, it is more convenient to clean and suitable for grinding more varieties of materials.

Working principle:
The rotating motor drives the driving pole and dispersing disc to rotates at high speed, which makes the upper part of dispersing disc and inner grinding chamber form vacuum. The slurry is inhaled into grinding chamber. The grinding media driven by the driving pole inside the chamber produces force in all directions, which put materials under the action of constant collision and friction to smaller the particle size and narrow the particle size range. The vortex flow generated by high speed rotation dispersing disc absorbs materials out from the basket (grinding chamber), and the milled materials are absorbed again, excellent fluid circulation forms. 
Control the hydraulic frame lifting through controlling the oil pump. The hydraulic frame lifts the driving mechanism e and working group up and down. Easy operation and stable lifting.

Model Power
SYM-15 15 50-350 0-1440 9 1.8-2.4 900 460